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I championed the passage of Temporary Caregiver Insurance. .  . [and] A Better Balance helped me every step of the way by providing in-depth policy assistance, commenting on drafts of legislation, and helping craft comments on our regulations when the law passed. . . Sherry’s enthusiasm for my work and encouragement to keep going, helped turn my vision into the law. Congratulations ABB!

-Gayle Goldin, Rhode Island State Senator

Dina, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the invaluable support and knowledge you provided to me and our legislators regarding the bill to prevent discrimination of pregnant women in New Jersey. Your testimony and input were very valuable to our process.

-Marcela Ospina Maziarz, New Jersey Senate Democratic Office

We Empower

ABB is engaging communities we serve in enforcing the laws enacted to empower them. We provide direct representation to individuals seeking to vindicate their rights and litigate cases that we think will have maximum positive impact on how the law is interpreted by courts and enforcement agencies.

We have provided free representation to dozens of workers under the the New York City Earned Sick Time Act, and fielded hundreds of calls from others with questions about the law or problems accessing sick time. ABB has used the New York City Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to help women like Angelica Valencia, who was pushed off the job when pregnant because she needed to avoid overtime, and Floralba Fernandez Espinal, who was sent home on unpaid leave when she needed to avoid heavy lifting temporarily during her pregnancy. Both women were featured in the New York Times. ABB’s impact extends beyond New York City as well: our Southern Office is championing the cause of Lyndi Trischler and Samantha Riley, who needed light duty but were pushed out of their jobs as police officers in Florence, Kentucky, due to a discriminatory policy. Now, because of a consent decree with the Department of Justice, the City of Florence will have to change its policies and compensate the officers. And we’ve helped thousands of Walmart workers nationwide by pressuring the company to amend their accommodations policy.

We Educate

ABB is providing women and men with accessible know-your-rights information. Strong laws on the books are only meaningful if the people they are designed to help know about them and can effectively exercise their rights.

Our know-your-rights database offers reliable, clear, and up to date information on federal and state laws addressing everything from job accommodations during pregnancy, caregiver discrimination, family leave, and breastfeeding protections. We provide links to relevant laws and regulations, to jump-start further research, and a step-by-step guide for pregnant workers about “Talking to Your Boss About Your Bump.” Women and men across the country now have a user-friendly resource at their fingertips to help them navigate the workplace during pregnancy, parenthood, personal illness, or caring for a loved one, and the information they need to be their own best advocate on the job.

We Enforce

ABB is working with government agencies around the country to ensure that the laws we fought to enact are effectively implemented.

We draft regulations that are used to carry out the promise of laws passed to support working families. We assist government agencies and communities to raise public awareness about those laws, and defend the laws when challenged in court. We are taking lessons we learn in New York, where we are on the ground enforcing laws we helped to enact, and sharing them with campaigns and advocates across the country to advance a coordinated enforcement effort.

The people we meet through our free helpline inspire us with their courage. Here are a few of their stories.

I am my mother’s sole caregiver. The New York Paid Family Leave Act will help many New Yorkers like myself between not having to choose between their income, their job, and their loved one.


ABB helped me assert my rights under this law [the NYC PWFA]. As a result of their efforts, my employer offered me my job back and agreed to make me whole . . . Pregnant workers everywhere need a law like the NYC PWFA so they are not unfairly pushed out of a job when they are willing and able to work and in need of only modest accommodations to protect their health.


I am very happy I could change the rules and change how they treat other people. I had felt I couldn’t do anything, I didn’t know what to do. You helped me resolve the case, and I’m very thankful. Now other people at the job won’t have the same problems.


I just want to thank you…for the dedication and time to listen to my concern as a nursing mother in a working environment. A lot of nursing mothers are afraid to speak up for themselves to an employer because of fear of retaliation or that their voices just won't be heard. You…make it possible.


You helped me out to overcome a very tough situation. By informing me of my rights and with your constant counseling, you gave me the strength and the emotional support to be able to resolve it. I was able to keep working till the end of my pregnancy and I got my hours back. Thanks so much.

-- Joselyn

A lot of people suffer abuses silently. I am happy that because of my case, a large company will learn to follow the rules [of the NYC Earned Sick Time Act] so that people who work hard will get the respect and pay they deserve. It’s justice.


*Pedro’s name has been changed.

I know that most women aren't so fortunate and aren't able to find the support they need. If it weren't for organizations like A Better Balance and legislators willing to stand up for women, there wouldn't be any help, or possibility of change.  --Armanda

There are a lot of parents out there that have lost their jobs because of childcare but they didn’t have no place to go so they just rolled over. Me, I wanted to fight. So I called everybody that I could find and A Better Balance is why I’m here today. --Dena

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