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Governor Cuomo Stands Up To Sexual Harassment

Governor Cuomo Stands Up To Sexual Harassment

In 2017, women across the country made their voices heard and exposed the rampant sexual harassment taking place in all industries nationwide. In 2018, as women continue to declare “Me Too,” legislators have the opportunity to turn this moment of reckoning into an agenda for action.

New York is leading the way. At today’s State of the State Address, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced several legislative proposals to combat sexual harassment in the workplace, several of which follow recommendations A Better Balance proposed during testimony offered last month before the NYC Commission on Human Rights.

The proposals include:

  • Directing the Commissioner of Labor to hold hearings to assess ending the tipped minimum wage, which often forces tipped restaurant workers—the majority of whom are women—to tolerate regular sexual harassment from male customers;
  • Preventing public funds from being used to settle sexual harassment claims against individuals;
  • Voiding forced arbitration policies in employee contracts;
  • Requiring companies that contract with the state to disclose the number of sexual harassment adjudications and nondisclosure agreements they have executed;
  • Prohibiting non-disclosure agreements in sexual assault and harassment cases within state and local government, unless the victim expressly requests not to disclose;
  • Implementing a uniform code of sexual harassment for all branches of state and local government

Please take a moment to thank Governor Cuomo for leading the way in advancing equal rights and an end to unsafe and unequal workplaces—and making New York a model of equality for women, by sharing these tweets:

  • Thank you @NYGovCuomo for your leadership in combating sexual harassment in the workplace. #NYSOTS
  • Thank you @NYGovCuomo for leading the way in advancing women’s rights— and making sure all New York workplaces are harassment free. #NYSOTS

ABB is proud to be a leader in the ongoing fight for justice and opportunity for New York women and families and we thank you for all your support in this fight.

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