Pro Bono Partnerships

A Better Balance is a national legal advocacy nonprofit dedicated to promoting equality and choices for men and women at all income levels so they can care for their families without sacrificing their economic security. Founded in 2006, ABB has grown from an idea into a 20-person national organization with offices in New York and Nashville. During the last decade, ABB has fought for and won victories across the country on paid leave, equal pay, pregnancy and caregiver nondiscrimination, breastfeeding, LGBTQ rights, and other protections that transform working women’s—and, indeed, all workers’—ability to hold down their jobs while showing up for their families.

To bring about lasting changes in workers’ lives, ABB operates at the local, state and federal levels employing three overlapping strategies:

  • Policy and Legislative Advocacy:  We research, draft, and testify on behalf of bills that support workers’ rights and fight discrimination.
  • Legal Services and Impact Litigation:  We provide legal support and advice to vulnerable workers through direct representation and through our free legal hotlines, and take on cases we think will have maximum impact.
  • Education and Enforcement:  We work with government agencies and coalition partners to ensure that laws protecting workers are not only passed, but also enforced and defended. We provide vital information to workers about their rights, and spark and shape national conversations on work and family.

Join Us in the Fight to Protect the Rights of Women and Working Families

ABB’s Pro Bono Partnership Program is a passionate, dedicated network of legal professionals committed to defending the rights of women and all working families. We partner with law firms on a variety of initiatives that support our litigation, policy research, and public advocacy efforts. Pro bono work spans our program areas and can range from short-term projects to complex multi-year litigation and public policy initiatives.

We see the members of the Pro Bono Partnership Program as true allies in supporting our mission and maximizing the positive impact we can have on workers most in need of protections. In addition to engaging in groundbreaking legal work, the program also provides pro bono partners with the opportunity to join briefings and receive updates from ABB’s staff about key work-family policy progress, judicial decisions, and other legal developments.

Pro bono opportunities could take a range of potential forms, including:

  • Co-Counsel Opportunities
  • Legal Research
  • Amicus Brief Support
  • Resource & In-Kind Support (e.g., providing space, printing resources, subscriptions)
  • Community Know Your Rights Trainings
  • Policy advocacy (e.g., preparing testimony)
  • Cy pres
  • Other: let us know if there are other ways you would like to be involved!

Join us to help make our society more equitable for all workers by enforcing policies that allow caregivers to remain in the workforce without compromising the wellbeing of their families.

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