ABB Co-Hosts “Time to Care” Screening Alongside Georgia Partners

"Time to Care" focuses on several families across the country who have used social media to raise awareness about the need for comprehensive paid family and medical leave.
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On Tuesday, September 28th, ABB’s Southern Office was thrilled to co-host a virtual screening of the new paid leave documentary “Time to Care” alongside our partners at 9to5 Georgia, Poder Latinx, and other members of the Georgia Coalition for Paid Leave. 

This brief film follows the stories of several families across the country who are speaking out about the challenges of balancing family and caregiving needs without access to paid family & medical leave. From a couple expecting their first child, to a daughter serving as the primary caregiver for her father who suffers from dementia, these individuals have used social media to share intimate portraits of the reality of parenting and caregiving in today’s America. Now, they are raising awareness about the urgent need for comprehensive paid family & medical leave, and the “Time to Care” documentary is amplifying their voices at a critical moment.

During the group discussion that accompanied the film screening, ABB gave an update on the ongoing fight to pass a national paid family & medical leave program, and urged attendees to contact their representatives as we approach key votes on the proposal in Congress. 

“As the COVID pandemic has made clear, too many of our families simply cannot afford to take leave without pay to care for a new child or a loved one who is ill,” said Feroza Freeland, Policy Manager of A Better Balance’s Southern Office. “At its core, this issue is about Georgia families having security and peace of mind during the most important and difficult moments of life– whether that’s welcoming a new child into the family, caring for an aging parent, or recovering from a major surgery.”

Attendees also shared their own struggles around not having access to paid leave. By sharing and listening to others’ personal stories, the event fostered a sense of solidarity and shared purpose around fighting for the protections that all of our families need. 

A guaranteed right to paid leave is especially urgent for workers in the South. Due to historic and ongoing racism & sexism, worker protections in our region remain inadequate, and stark racial disparities persist in health outcomes, including for new mothers and babies. A national paid family & medical leave program would be an important step towards supporting the health and economic security of all individuals, regardless of their background, race, or gender.

ABB remains committed to this fight, and we encourage you to contact your own federal representatives and urge them to pass the most robust paid family & medical leave program possible!

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