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Documents & Resources - Family Leave


Fact Sheets

pdf Comparative Chart of Paid Family Leave Laws in the United States A Better Balance November 2015

The Family and Medical Leave Act: What Should LGBT Families Know?

A Better Balance June 2015
pdf Paid Family Leave in Tennessee: Studying the Issue A Better Balance March 2015
pdf New York Needs the Paid Family Leave Insurance Act (4-Page Pamphlet) A Better Balance, The New York Civil Liberties Union, Fordham's Lincoln Square Legal Services March 2015
pdf One-Page Overview of the New York State Paid Family Leave Insurance Act A Better Balance March 2015
pdf Family Leave Insurance: Benefiting New York Businesses and Supporting Employees' Needs A Better Balance March 2015
pdf Washington's LGBT and HIV/AIDS Communities Need Family and Medical Leave Insurance! A Better Balance September 2012
pdf Family Leave Insurance: A Priority for Working Families in New York! A Better Balance May 2012
pdf New Jersey Family Leave Insurance Guide and Accompanying Chart (note: may take a few minutes to load) A Better Balance August 2015
pdf Supporting LGBT Families and New Yorkers Living with HIV/AIDS: The Need for Paid Family Leave in New York A Better Balance March 2015
pdf The Family and Medical Leave Act A Better Balance January 2011




pdf Investing in Our Families: The Case for Paid Family Leave in New York and the Nation A Better Balance May 2015


Time for a Change: The Case for LGBT-Inclusive Workplace Leave Laws & Nondiscrimination Protections (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REPORT) (CLICK HERE FOR EXECUTIVE SUMMARY) A Better Balance April 2012
pdf Building a Competitive Future Right from the Start: How Paid Leave Strengthens 21st Century Families National Center for Children in Poverty September 2012
pdf Pay Matters: The Positive Economic Impacts of Paid Family Leave for Families, Businesses and the Public Rutgers Center for Women and Work January 2012
pdf The Effects of California's Paid Family Leave Program on Mothers' Leave-taking and Subsequent Labor Market Outcomes The National Bureau of Economic Research December 2011
pdf Paid Family Leave: A Four-Part Series New America Foundation March 2011
pdf Failing Its Families: Lack of Paid Leave and Work-Family Supports in the US Human Rights Watch February 2011
pdf Leaves That Pay: Employer and Worker Experiences with Paid Family Leave in CA Eileen Appelbaum & Ruth Milkman January 2011
pdf Paid Leave in the States: A Critical Support for Low-Wage Workers and Their Families National Center for Children in Poverty March 2009
pdf Economics and Politics of Work-Family Policy: The Case for a State Family Leave Insurance Program The Working Poor Families Project Spring 2009
pdf Policy Brief on Paid Family Leave Sloan Work and Family Research Network Spring 2009
pdf A WORKING BALANCE: Supporting New York City’s Families Through Paid Leave A Better Balance January 2008


Model Laws

pdf Model Family Leave Law A Better Balance June 2010


General Documents


Testimony in support of H1718, S1008; An Act establishing a family and medical leave and temporary disability leave insurance program

A Better Balance October 2015
pdf Comments on Proposed FMLA Regulations A Better Balance April 2008


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